SOFT FLASK EffiNov Sport (500 ML)


Soft and light flask to carry your energy drink.

With its 42 mm wide opening and high-flow silicone valve, the 500 ml soft flask provides quick and convenient hydration.

  • - Compact, it compresses as the liquid absorbs and thus limits the flutter of water or your drink
  • - Practical, carry it by hand, in a pocket, in your bag or in your belt
  • - Light, only 40 g empty
  • - Ergonomic, it adapts to the shapes of your body
  • - Recyclable and designed from recycled materials
  • - BPA free + PVC free + Phtalates free
  • - Large capacity : 500ml
  • - Transparent color with graduation to easily view its drink level

When to use Soft Flask EffiNov Sport ?

- In the training phase

- In competition

...the soft flask is mainly suitable for running (half, marathon, trail, ultra-trail)

The essential and practical accessory to hydrate easily during your running sessions.

> Dimensions: 215 mm x 75 mm x 50 mm

> Circular bottom without angle

> Product made in France

How to clean your soft flask ?



Hand washing :

1 - Use a brush-type brush to clean the interior with warm water and natural soap/ bicarbonate or even lemon juice
2 - Rinse thoroughly
3 - Let your flask to dry upside down and open
4 - For silicone teat, proceed the same way

Be sure to empty the soft flask after each use. It is best to keep it in a dry and cool place to avoid bad odors and mold.