French laboratory specialising in micronutrition for health, medicine, sport and food supplements.


French laboratory based in Brittany

In Morbihan, Lorient

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Recognised expertise since its creation in 2010

Winner of the national competition for innovative companies organised by the Ministry of Research and Higher Education

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A commitment to eco-responsibility

75% of our products manufactured around the laboratory. Recyclable and/or compostable plant-based pill box

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A team of experts in Micronutrition for Health and Sport

Contact us on +33 (0)2 97 83 60 94



The EffiNov Laboratory provides a global nutritional response combining a personalised nutritional assessment (EffiNut) and micronutrition solutions : food supplements formulated from ingredients rigorously selected for their efficacy, origin and bioavailability (EffiNov).

In keeping with its ethos and mission, the EffiNov Laboratory favours ingredients of natural origin and physiological dosages, in compliance with European regulations guaranteeing the absence of toxicity and respecting proper cellular function. EffiNov offers 5 product ranges: EffiNov Equilibre (essential nutrients: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.), EffiNov Maternity (food supplements for pregnant women and new mothers: all pregnancy nutrition), EffiNov Nutrition (health nutrition: gluten-free, lactose-free and low glycaemic index dietary foods), EffiNov Sport (sports nutrition: sports drinks, recovery drinks, energy bars, energy gel) and Nutrialys (medical nutrition reduced in polyamines).


These food supplements and dietary foods are not a substitute for a healthy, balanced and varied diet.