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  • EFFINOV AMINO - 10 Sachets
    EFFINOV AMINO - 10 Sachets

    EffiNov Amino is a protein-rich preparation that helps support muscle function and vitality thanks to its high...

    (21 reviews)
  • MINERALINOV - 14 Schts
    MINERALINOV - 14 Schts

    Mineralinov is a food supplement that contributes to a normal acid-base metabolism. Highly dosed in nutrients and...

    (9 reviews)
  • OLIGO Mg+ - 14 Schts
    OLIGO Mg+ - 14 Schts

    Oligo Mg+ is a complementary combination of trace elements from algae (Spirulina and Chlorella) and Magnesium that...

    (4 reviews)
  • SPIRULINOV - 120 Tbls
    SPIRULINOV - 120 Tbls

    Spirulinov is a dietary supplement based on spirulina enriched with iron. Spirulinov is recommended for people with...

    (5 reviews)
  • TY VITA® - 250 ml
    TY VITA® - 250 ml

    Ty Vita® is a combination of essential micronutrients to support the functioning of the immune system (Zinc,...

    (3 reviews)
  • VITALINOV® - 60 Caps.
    VITALINOV® - 60 Caps.

    Vitalinov® is a dietary supplement containing vitamins and minerals that helps fight physical or mental fatigue and...

    (23 reviews)

Frequently asked questions

La vitalité désigne la qualité d’une personne à manifester une grande énergie, un dynamisme, de l’entrain dans ses activités quotidiennes.

Découvrez notre complexe spécial vitalité VITALINOV

Raplapla, Ramollo, Ronchonchon… Winter sometimes gives way to a small drop in tone or morale. Shortening days, cold and reduced light are factors that affect our morale and our body. But how can you regain your vitality ? Here are 5 tips to make vitality no longer synonymous with fatigue :

  • Sleep well : Sleep is essential! Everyone knows how important sleep is, however, fatigue is often characterized by a lack of sleep. To fall asleep in the best conditions, you must make sure to keep your room cool, without light, it is also important to promote a return to calm before falling asleep (reading, soft music…) and especially avoid screens. Indeed, the light of the screens slows down the production of the sleep hormone (melatonin). In addition, it is essential to respect regular waking and sleeping hours and a sleep time between 6 and 9 (for an adult) in order to regain vitality. 

  • Eat healthy : Food is also an essential factor for our vitality. To fight against a drop in diet, one may be tempted to eat more. However, this depletes the metabolism, so it is advisable to give preference to quality (fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins) over quantity. To compensate for the lack of light, vitamin D supplementation may be recommended.   

  • Regular physical activity : To stimulate metabolism and recover vitality, it is advisable to practice regular physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. 

  • Relax : Learn to breathe again! Indeed, more and more people can no longer relax or relax. Immersed in their life at 200 an hour, they can no longer relax. Spend a few minutes breathing is very important to find a hell of a peach ! 

  • Treat yourself : The pleasure associated with relaxation are sources of dopamine (molecule of «pleasure»), associated with our vitality.

Discover our special vitality complex VITALINOV

Vitality or vital force works hand in hand with good health. Indeed, if you put fuel in a plane without wings, it does not fly. This is exactly what happens to our body, when we are not healthy, our vital energy is not optimal. In order to increase your vitality, there are different methods to achieve this : sleep, a balanced diet, exercising…

Discover our special vitality complex VITALINOV

The winter season is sometimes a source of energy loss. One of the main factors in finding energy is food. But what foods are likely to make us overflow with vitality ?  

  • Orange : orange is a multi-vitamin fruit that gives peach! Indeed, orange is a citrus rich in vitamin C, it is essential to stimulate our immune defenses, it also has an antioxidant function protects against cellular aging. In addition, orange is a source of vitamin B9 (folic acid), calcium, magnesium and fiber.

  • Almond : Almonds are rich in lipids (omega 3, 6, 9), vitamins E, fiber and protein.

  • Banana : Bananas contain carbohydrates that are the main energy constituent. But that’s not all! It is also a source of fiber, vitamins B6, B9 and minerals (potassium, manganese, selenium).

  • Lentils : Lentils are rich in fiber, vegetable protein, antioxidants and minerals (especially iron). Iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin, the main component of red blood cells. 

  • Fatty fish : Salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring are fish rich in oméga 3. These fatty acids are good for health because they reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Kale : Kale is very little known to the general public yet it deserves to be in the light. Kale is a superfood that has a high content of protein, iron, vitamins (A,E,C,K), minerals, omega 3 and fiber.

Discover our special vitality complex VITALINOV