Pre exercise :

Discover our selection of dietary supplements and dietetic products for athletes specially developed to meet physiological needs in the preparation phase, before a training and/ or an event.

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  • MINERALINOV - 14 Schts
    MINERALINOV - 14 Schts

    Mineralinov is a food supplement that contributes to a normal acid-base metabolism. Highly dosed in nutrients and...

    (9 reviews)
  • OLIGO Mg+ - 14 Schts
    OLIGO Mg+ - 14 Schts

    Oligo Mg+ is a complementary combination of trace elements from algae (Spirulina and Chlorella) and Magnesium that...

    (6 reviews)
  • Organic Almond Biscuits - 10 biscuits
    Organic Almond Biscuits - 10 biscuits

    Organic Almond Biscuits are soft chewy biscuits with 15% protein guaranteed gluten-free , milk-free and low...

    (22 reviews)
  • VITALINOV® - 60 Caps.
    VITALINOV® - 60 Caps.

    Vitalinov® is a dietary supplement containing vitamins and minerals that helps fight physical or mental fatigue and...

    (25 reviews)