Neck warmer EffiNov Sport


Neck warmer 100% microfiber multifunction.

  • - Enjoy multifunctionality : choose how to wear it (see visual with instructions for use)
  • - Sun or cold protection
  • - Adjustable thanks to its elastic material : 4-way adjustment for better hold and comfort
  • - Seamless
  • - Dimensions : 250 mm x 500 mm

When to use Neck warmer EffiNov Sport ?

- In the training phase

- In competition

...for all types of sports (cycling, running, trail running, ultra, triathlon, collective sports...)

Tour de cou tubulaire 100 % microfiber Neck warmer, very elastic and semless - High breathability and moisture control.

Neck warmer EFFINOV SPORT allows you to cope with any situation during your sports practice.

It protects you from cold, sun and humidity... A complete product that offers a large number of ways to wear it and possibilities : headband, hat, mask, hood, wrist circumference...

Its elastic material makes it a highly extensible product designed for optimal performance and comfort.

Its soft texture in technical microfibers 100% recycled polyester, ensures good moisture transfer and protection from the sun and cool temperatures.

Usable for any sports practice : running, trail, cycling, triathlon... this neck warmer is the perfect "Outdoor" accessory and will be your ally to face all the conditions during your training or your competitions.

> Dimensions : 250 mm x 500 mm

> Product made in France and made in Italy

> Care instructions :