Ultra Sport Pack Lemon-Lime


Ultra Sport Pack Lemon-Lime is a selection of nutritional and dietary products to satisfy your needs before, during and after the efforts from 4h to 8h.

It consists of :

> 10 sachets of Hydraminov Energy Drink Lemon-Lime
> 10 sachets of Hydraminov Energy Drink Neutral
> 10 organic almonds biscuit
> 1 gourd of Hydraminov Gel+ (energy gel)

GIFTS : 2 Mineralinov sachets (recovery drink) + 1 EffiNov Sport bottle (800 ml)

When Ultra Sport Pack is recommended ?

- Sports more than 8 hours

- Before / During / After Effort

- Endurance sports (half marathon, marathon, trail, ultra trail, triathlon, ironman, duathlon, cycling, gravel...)

Pictogramme Arôme naturel

Natural flavour

Pictogramme Synergie d’actifs

Synergy of active ingredients

Pictogramme Sans nanoparticules


Pictogramme Sans conservateurs

No preservatives

Ultra Sport Pack has been developed specifically to meet your needs before, during and after an effort more than 8 hours :

Pre-race meal :

2 Organic almond biscuits : to consume 1h30 to 2h before exercise with 1 compote or 1 ripe banana according to appetite.

During the race :

Hydraminov Energy Drink with lemon-lime flavour (10 sachets) : 500 ml/ hour (practical : pre-dosed sachet for 500 ml of water).

Hydraminov Energy Drink with neutral flavour (10 sachets) : 500 ml/ hour (practical : pre-dosed sachet for 500 ml of water).

- If you want to chew : 2 Organic almond biscuits every 1h to 1h30 (8 organic almond biscuits) or 1 gourd (80 g) Hydraminov Gel+ : 1 to 2 sips every 30 to 45 minutes in combination with energy drink, or every 15 minutes in case of association with water.


- 2 Mineralinov sachets (recovery drink) : dilute 1 stick (15 g) in 250-500 ml of water, to drink preferably after exercise.

- 1 bottle of 800 ml EffiNov Sport (Made in France - BPA Free)

Please refer to the sorting instructions of the various component products the pack.